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Fariha Shah, cofounder of Golden Bees, spoke at Vivatech 2021, together with Gwenaelle De La Roche, Marketing Director of ManpowerGroup France. Find out more about their exciting discussion on innovation in recruitment.



1. Major recruitment challenges

For Fariha, we should take it from recruiters’ problems instead of recruitment trends. Our HR Recovery survey (Golden Bees x HUB Institute, May 2021, France) helped us identify 3 major challenges in recruitment:

  • Gain visibility to obtain qualified applications
  • Improve performance
  • Gain time

For its part, Manpower has implemented a confidential innovation cluster to monitor market developments as closely as possible and continuously optimise its recruitment strategy. Undoubtedly, the recruitment ecosystem is constantly changing, and can provide new answers to labour market issues. In particular, Fariha talks about the need to differentiate: most recruiters focus on the same sourcing channels, and face increased competition for candidates' attention. She also stresses the importance of candidate experience in recruiting the best talent.

2. Differentiate with technology

Manpower has thousands of jobs to fill, the web, has millions of candidates just a click away. The challenge: facilitating the match between supply and demand, particularly through programmatic recruitment with Golden Bees.

Today, candidates are present on a variety of web media: job boards, job aggregators, social networks, etc. The power of programmatic recruitment? It allows employers to connect to the entire web ecosystem to promote job ads or employer branding messages from a one-stop shop. According to Fariha, it’s also a good way to even out the balance of power: recruiters are too dependent on leading online recruitment players. Programmatic recruitment gives the power back to recruiters, so that they can assess and compare performance across each channel and manage their strategy in real-time.

Beyond programmatics, Manpower uses technology to improve performance on other steps on the recruitment process, for instance with gamification to better attract generation Z, or Wan2bee to go further with the candidate experience. The only requirement is to maintain a human approach above all. 

3. Data as a lever for recruitment performance

For Manpower, recruitment marketing is now an imperative. Two watchwords: performance and commitment. Fariha shares this vision: performance is an integral part of Golden Bees' DNA. And performance means measurement, comparison, optimisation… 

By centralising data from several candidate acquisition channels, programmatic recruitment allows Manpower to access data and turn it into a performance driver.

For Manpower, the data-driven approach extends beyond the simple recruitment process: the company has developed the "People Analytics & Data" programme to boost the employability of job seekers. It brings together proprietary technology and human expertise to develop a deeper understanding of each individual's potential.