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The Adéquat Group provides global Human Resources solutions and is among the Top 40 staffing companies in the world and the 4th largest job advertiser in France. The group chose Golden Bees to centralize its recruitment campaigns and improve their performance on each acquisition channel.

Sébastien Guérin, Head of Recruitment Strategies and Key Account Sales, shares his experience with Golden Bees, the leader in programmatic recruitment in Europe.

HR expert of the month

Sébastien Guérin: "Hello, I'm Sébastien Guérin, I've been working since 2016 for the Adéquat Group's different brands, representing 260 recruitment agencies and Adsearch, 11 consulting agencies.

I’m in charge of two departments: 

  • The first one is the "Recruitment Strategies and Support" department where we work on recruitment, candidate experience and employer brand topics. We support nearly 1,000 recruiters on a daily basis and we manage the tools and imagine the ones of tomorrow. 
  • The second department, "Key Account Sales Offer", is where we create and promote the company's offers, products and services to our key account clients as part of tenders and support for the Sales Department. 

To give you an idea of the size of the company, Adéquat and Adsearch work with about 25,000 people every day on a temporary basis for our clients and hire more than 5,000 people every year on fixed-term or permanent contracts. Not to mention our many internal needs. 

We work in every industry: construction and public works, manufacturing, logistics and the service industry. As well as with local SMEs or with large companies such as Airbus, Axa, Teleperformance, Vinci and XPO.”

Your challenges / Our solution

S. G.: "We have been working with Golden Bees since 2019, as a staffing company we need to solve a complex equation: how can we combine both quantity and quality of hires? Golden Bees helps us on a daily basis to broaden our talent acquisition channels through programmatic HR.

Today, most candidates look for a job online, but being a candidate is not a job, it is a, quite stressful, transitory situation where few are truly prepared. Candidates move from one job board to another, without any real understanding of the job board landscape, which is, let's face it, quite confusing in France. 

Our digital strategy is simple: to be present on job boards when people are looking for a job, in other words, the right offer, in the right place, at the right time. In fact, Adéquat is the 4th largest job advertiser in France and the first agency-based job advertising network in France. 

Four years ago, we created a support department for our agencies, combining marketing and recruitment to oversee acquisition activities centrally. This service has led us to become more specialized and to be very demanding with job boards. 

When we talk about job boards, there are two worlds that coexist today: 

  • The old world where you buy credits, placements and hope that candidates will see your ad and apply. You buy visibility without any guarantees of candidates. 
  • The new world where you buy sponsorship and only pay for the candidates who click on your ad.

Golden Bees works with us to optimize our sponsorship on job search engines and to redirect candidates to our website."


"For an effective partnership you need two things: the right tools and committed people. At Golden Bees we found both, which is why we work great together.” Sébastien Guérin, Head of Recruitment Strategies and Key Account Sales at Groupe Adéquat

What we do best

S. G.: "At Adéquat, we have a ROI purchasing policy, which is why our partnership was a natural fit.

The Golden Bees programmatic platform allows us to fine-tune the sponsorship of our ads, by keyword, by industry, by customer, by business, with real-time management of our ads, and an accurate management of our budget. What matters most to us is that we have an expert with whom we can have weekly discussions in order to adjust our budget and criteria. 

An effective partnership requires two things: the right tools and committed people. At Golden Bees we found both, which is why we work great together."


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