Why join the Golden Bees Team ?

What we want more than anything is for Golden Bees to provide an experience that will allow you to grow, evolve, and thrive on a daily basis.

Here are the four cornerstones of our DNA:


We want each member of our team to contribute to our success. Each individual is acknowledged and valued as a vital cog in the wheel of this success.


The workplace should be a pleasant place to work on a daily basis. We take very opportunity we can to bond in a relaxed atmosphere and build on our team spirit.
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We have created an environment that encourages discussion, so that the team as a whole can benefit from the intellectual wealth of each of its individual members.


Our dream is for a diverse, multicultural team that blends together different stories, journeys, and origins, and where skill is the only thing that matters !


We are always on the lookout for new talent and have an appreciation for atypical profiles.

Don’t hesitate, get in touch today !

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Country Developper - UK

Golden Bees is a fast-growing French scale up based in Paris. We have developed the first data-driven job advertising solution that uses programmatic technologies for online recruitment needs.

With its innovative custom-crafted technology, Golden Bees is leading the French market and is already working with more than 200 companies to help them reach penurious profile and improve their investment by reducing their global costs.

Our solution has been developed to make online recruitment campaigns easier to handle for: Employers, HR Agencies, Job Boards, HR companies and educational institutions. Golden Bees in now part of Figaro, the biggest French Media group in France which also includes Figaro Classifieds (1st French Jobboards)

- Build and manage sales opportunities pipeline in your country with a focus on strategic accounts
- Become an expert on the Golden Bees Programmatic Job Ad platform; you must have an understanding of its functionalities, features, and impact for clients
- Be the face of Golden Bees in your country, speaking at conferences, establishing key relationships with the press and advising on local marketing plans
- Actively research the competitive landscape -- identifying market, product, and pricing trends -- and share findings with key stakeholders
- Over time, build and manage a team of sales and customer success representatives

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CDI Directeur de clientèle

Les mots tels que, campagne publicitaire, optimisation, analyses chiffrées, RTB, ou encore programmatique représentent la description parfaite de ce que tu recherches ?
Tu as l’âme d’un stratège (rien que ça), tu aimes les statistiques, tu es en recherche de challenges et tu as la culture du résultat ?
Vraiment, ce poste devrait te plaire.

Tu rejoins une équipe soudée et passionnée d’experts média pour gérer les campagnes de publicité programmatique sur un portefeuille de clients dédié.

Tes tâches quotidiennes :

- Conseil sur la mise en place des campagnes annonceurs
- Mise en place des scénarios de campagne sur la plateforme Golden Bees
- Achat média omnicanal & data management
- Segmentation et optimisation des campagnes
- Analyse des statistiques et reporting

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Stage Data Analyst (H/F)

Stage de 6 mois

En tant que stagiaire data analyst, vous serez immergé(e) à la fois au sein de l’équipe BI ainsi que des équipes dev, produit et trading dont vos missions seront :

- Collecte, structuration et enrichissement de données
- Data mining & exploration des bases de données : identification de tendances & corrélations
- Définition et validation d’indicateurs pour un déploiement à grande échelle
-Interprétation des résultats par croisement avec expertise métier
- Élaboration de restitutions avec des outils de visualisation orientés « data » et PowerPoint

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Stage graphiste (H/F)

Vous serez supervisé(e) par la digital communication manager à travers plusieurs missions :

- Participer à l’optimisation de la stratégie de Wan2bee à travers le développement de plusieurs visuels graphiques.
- Appuyer la digital communication manager dans l’élaboration de visuels en plusieurs formats sur les différents réseaux sociaux (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube).
- Création de contenus graphiques pour les montages des différentes vidéos de la chaine Wan2bee.
- Création des différents visuels de chaque article en lien avec le rédacteur web
- Participer à l’optimisation du webdesign du site internet et de sa futur plateforme utilisateur en lien avec la digital communication manager

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Développeur Java & PHP – Full Stack

Nous recherchons un développeur passionné ; autant par la technologie que par le design, pour participer au déploiement de notre précieuse Roadmap Technique.

En tant que développeur Java & PHP, vous aurez en charge l'analyse, le développement, le déploiement (linux) et le monitoring d'interfaces web (PHP) et d'applications web (JAVA) et travaillerez de manière autonome en respectant les spécifications du chef de projet.

Golden Bees, a hive like no other!

With us, there is no secret, our strengths are our Bees and so you! So, if you like to evolve in a sector that makes sense and want to blossom in a human adventure based on kindness, join us!

Ton bien-être, notre priorité
Your well-being, our priority

Sophrology sessions, yoga & pilates, nutritional training, sports sessions with the team at noon or a little running outdoors … Whatever you want to do, you will always find a colleague to accompany you.

Geek, Gaming & FUN
Geek, Gaming & FUN

In the hive, we are quite passionate about geek culture (and it’s not our CEO who will say the opposite!). Mangas, animated, video games, board games … our diverse passions bring us together and there is something for everyone. Will you be able to discover the hidden talents of each one?

Event, rires & rencontres
Event, laughs & meetings

After work, team building or seminars, we always get to know each other better by sharing a memory together. The Bees are not afraid of anything, whether in the air during a parachute jump or in the water during jet-ski and diving activities, there are numerous opportunities to live extraordinaries adventures!

Des petits plus qui font plaisir
Little things that make you happy

Here, coffee and tea are unlimited. But that’s not all, fresh fruits and dried fruits are also delivered every week. We also enjoy regularly to offer breakfast to spend a moment together or just to have fun!

Tes projets, notre ambition
Your projects, our ambition

Whether you want to develop new skills through specifics training programs or simply develop your soft skills, the HR team will always listen to you to achieve your dreams and your full development.

L’altruisme, nos idéaux
Altruism, our ideal

We strongly believe that a company must contribute to causes that are important to help others. Whether for a race in support of Unicef ​​or the distribution of bottled water and food, the Bees have the heart on hand!


Who else can better introduce their Jobs than our Bees ?


Our offices are located in a dedicated business innovation center for digital content that was launched by the City of Paris. The infrastructure of the space provides a modern, dynamic working environment for all of our employees.

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