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STIB is a public cooperation commissioned by the Brussels-Capital region, to organize the operation of public transport, on its territory. A public service contract sets missions and obligations for STIB and the Region every 5 years, favoring mobility development of Brussels.

Our customer since : May 2019

Needs Seeking behavioral attitude to train and recruit Bus Drivers (male/female) massively. Recruiting candidates in technical and IT fields. Developing the notoriety of professions and STIB’s Employer Brand.



STIB has important requirements in terms of recruitment on the Belgian market. This public cooperation recruits’ various profiles with specific business skills, Engineering and Technical based skills. STIB mainly trains and recruits Bus Drivers and focuses on behavioral skills, in terms of their selection criteria.

The major challenge for STIB is to introduce its professions, harness and attract qualified and motivated talents, by utilizing new communication levers.

In order to respond to the many challenges of recruitment, STIB needs to develop a recruitment strategy and a more innovative employer brand. By collaborating with Golden Bees, STIB now optimizes its campaigns and has increased the notoriety of its professions, via programming.


The solution offered by Golden Bees leans on ensuring the recruiter, on harnessing the right person, at the right time, it’s about aggregate employment, a media website or a social network, while representing the factors of time and costs.

The automized technological platform of Golden Bees is connected with all online advertising ecosystems. It helps create a recruitment campaign and work on its employer brand, on 2 web user typologies: active and passive candidates.

The goals of the campaign was to achieve optimal exposure in terms of STIB’s job offers and increase the number of applications, on profiles which were difficult to harness through traditional HR medias. To do so, Golden Bees helped STIB deploy a media plan on various advertising environments:

1/ The web display and social networks:

STIB engaged several targeted candidates, through the Candidates Management Platform of Golden Bees. By activating these mediums of communication, STIB increased the notoriety of its professions, with passive candidates. These levers mainly allowed STIB to achieve a greater parity in its CV database.

2/ Sponsored advertising on job meta-engines

This second lever of acquisition has allowed to trigger several qualified applications, for every position. To ensure a lower cost per application and optimize budgets, the Media Trading teams at Golden Bees have worked on new mediums which aren’t well-known on the Belgian market and which has led to achieving a better cost per application acquisition.


The campaigns which were carried out, met great success with more than 850 qualified applications. The teams of STIB and Golden Bees continue their collaboration on an employer brand campaign, for an application. The objective of this application is to increase awareness of the Bus Driver profession and recruit candidates through gaming levers.


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