Increasing application volume

Manpower is an American company within ManpowerGroup. It specializes in contingent staffing and recruitment, and has a presence in 82 countries, with 4,400 agencies and 30,000 permanent employees.

Our customer since : May 2018 (ongoing)

Positions filled : Order picker, truck driver, production worker, production operator, sales assistant, office assistant, electrician, maintenance technician, packaging worker, customer services representative, line operator, welder, call center agent, accountant, warehouse operative, bricklayer, manager, materials handler, retail clerk, agri-food sector worker

Needs Generating high quality applications and implementing a continuous optimization process



Management at Manpower's regional offices (north, south, east, west, and the Parisian region of Île-de-France) urgently needs to recruit candidates for nonexecutive positions in various different job types in all of their regions.
Their primary need is to optimize acquisition costs and to simplify management of sourcing campaigns, while generating a high volume of applications.

The solutions

Manpower used the tool for generating qualified applications with both active and passive profile types via all Internet advertising methods.

Control cost per candidate for active profile types

The Golden Bees platform allows job postings to be advertised on all job aggregator sites on the market. Rules can be set up to optimize advertising of the postings based on the cost per target candidate.

Re-engaging potential target candidates

Using our proprietary tracking tool, we collect data on the browsing behavior of the candidates in relation to each job posting on the Manpower site so that a retargeting display campaign can be run. Then, based on the level of interest that the candidates show for the posting(s), our algorithms show them the job postings that they most recently viewed in the form of banner ads on all the sites that the user visits.

Increased application volume:

Golden Bees advertised job postings using dynamic banners on social media and across the Internet, among an audience of Internet users corresponding to the profiles needed. The purpose of activating Golden Bees candidate data via our Candidate Management Platform and using our technology for matching job postings with candidate profiles is to maximize return on investment, while simultaneously guaranteeing a sufficient volume of applications.

The results

Manpower's recruitment campaign was a success, with approximately 50% of the applications it generated resulting from the use of targeting tools to reach passive candidates, and the other 50% stemming from sources for acquiring active candidates.

The candidate engagement rate between clicking on an offer and making an application was 20% throughout the entire duration of the
campaign. This was particularly due to the daily optimization processes carried out by our algorithms and media trading teams.

The programmatic recruitment campaign resulted in the generation of more than 100,000 applications, with a global cost per application of less than €2.



1,34 average cost

per qualified CV

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  • Target all candidate profile types
  • Generate qualified applications
  • Easily measure your return on investment